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Slinky the Tepig
She literally shoved her way into becoming Eliza's starter, leading to a rift between them at the start. However, they have slowly started to accept each other, and Slinky is very protective of her trainer, although she often acts sarcastic when Eliza gets too into her fantasies. She is somewhat suspicious of her trainer's judgement, and therefore won't really accept anyone just because Eliza liked them. It will probably take her a while to warm up to a new trainer, and she will still consider Eliza hers foremost. She will probably try to attack anyone who sends her out once she sees they aren't Eliza, and it will take a while for her to calm down. Upon learning Eliza is dead, she will be seriously upset and blame herself for not being there to stop her from making a dumb decision. She might end up sulking for a while. Her Ability is Blaze, and her moves are Defense Curl, Rollout, Tail Whip, and Ember.

Blaze - Raises the power of her Fire-type moves when she's below 1/3rd of her max HP
Defense Curl - Slinky curls herself up, raising her defense and making her harder to hurt.
Rollout - Slinky rolls at an enemy, hitting them like a rock. The damage done is increased if she's previously used Defense Curl.
Tail Whip - Slinky wags her tail back and forth, lowering an enemy's defense.
Ember - A basic Fire-type attack, where Slinky snorts flames at an enemy.

Blade the Pidgey
Eliza's first catch, who was fainted and nearly killed by Slinky. She hurried to heal him, and he was so grateful to her that he swore his service to her. He tends to act according to his own code of chivalry, and is most loyal to Eliza first and foremost. However, he also trusts her, and therefore any friend of hers will quickly win his loyalty as well. While he will attack anyone who sends him out and isn't Eliza, he won't keep attacking if they back off, seem intimidated, or mention knowing Eliza. His Ability is Keen Eye, and his moves are Tackle, Sand-attack, Agility, and Air Slash.

Keen Eye - Prevents Blade's accuracy from being lowered.
Tackle - Blade simply charges at an enemy and knocks into them.
Sand-attack - Blade kicks up sand in an enemy's face to lower their accuracy.
Agility - Blade flaps about in midair to increase his own speed.
Air Slash - Blade's wings gain an extra layer of windy energy that he then sends flying at an enemy.

Witch the Vulpix
She managed to escape Eliza once, but ended up accidentally running into her again. Annoyed because she thought she was being followed, she ended up attacking, but ended up captured. While initially annoyed, she was pacified a bit by the idea of being able to achieve her true potential, or even evolve. She and Slinky often snark about Eliza together. She will be very annoyed at getting a new trainer, although she will most likely not use damaging attacks right away, instead going for a Confuse Ray to confuse them and run away. She will also feel disinclined to trust someone just because Eliza did. When she learns Eliza is dead, she will be upset, and probably end up cuddling more with Slinky. Her Ability is Drought, and her moves are Ember, Roar, Will-o-Wisp, and Confuse Ray.

Drought - Causes the weather to become Sunny, raising the power of Fire-type moves and lowering the power of Water-type moves. Also overwrites any weather effects currently in place.
Ember - A basic Fire-type attack, where Witch breathes fire at an enemy.
Roar - Witch roars loudly, sending weaker enemies running from her.
Will-o-Wisp - Witch summons a ghostly flame that burns an enemy, sapping their strength and making them take damage every turn.
Confuse Ray - Witch summons a glowing ball that flies at an enemy and causes them to become confused, occasionally hitting themselves instead of her or her allies.

Dragon the Diglett
A strange Diglett who randomly bumped into Eliza on her journey. While he can't communicate at all, he seems fond of her, and will often stick close to her side. He sometimes has nightmares of when he was part of a larger group of Diglett in the Diglett Tunnel, without any individuality of his own. He trusts Eliza, and will quickly trust any friend of hers as well. When he learns that she is dead, he will be distraught and hide underground for a while. Those he's already met will probably have the best chance of getting him out of there. His Ability is Sand Force, and his moves are Astonish, Sucker Punch, Earthquake, and Mud-Slap.

Sand Force - Increases the power of Dragon's Rock, Ground, or Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.
Astonish - Dragon disappears underground and suddenly appears in front of an enemy while radiating ghostly energy. It may cause the foe to flinch and miss their turn.
Sucker Punch - If an enemy is about to attack, Dragon can hit them with an ambush first. This usually involves ramming them.
Earthquake - Dragon causes the ground to shake, hitting everyone, allies and enemies, in a large radius. This is considered a Ground-type attack, and won't hit anyone who's flying.
Mud-Slap - Dragon shakes ground into an enemy's face, dealing some Ground-type damage and possibly lowering their accuracy.

Flute the Phanpy
A rather young, energetic Phanpy who Eliza adopted from a Pokemon adoption service. He sees Eliza as his new mother, and the rest of her team as his adopted aunts and uncles. He occasionally acts like a brat, but will always listen to Eliza in the end, and enjoys being cuddled by her. He has some musical talent with that snout of his as well. He will immediately trust anyone who Eliza trusted, although he will also constantly be trying to find her. When sent out, he'll just be mostly curious about what's going on, although if he can't see Eliza around he'll go looking for her. When he learns Eliza is dead, he will be devastated and cling to any other members of her team who are still around. His Ability is Pickup, and his moves are Endure, Flail, Tackle, and Odor Sleuth.

Pickup - Flute can find useful items while traveling. There's a whole chart for this, but it's mainly focused on Pokemon items.
Endure - Flute takes whatever attack comes and is left with 1 HP even if he would have been knocked out.
Flail - Flute flails about randomly, striking the enemy and dealing more damage the less health he has left.
Tackle - Flute rams the enemy.
Odor Sleuth - Flute is able to pick up the scent of ghosts, and can now hit them with Normal-type attacks.

Crown the Deerling
A very laid-back and casual Deerling who Eliza met in the Forest of Fury. She managed to slowly convince him over to her side, even with her team not quite helping. He considers all humans kind of ridiculous and weird, and thus isn't that bothered by Eliza. He's not much of a fighter, preferring to avoid or slowly weaken his opponents. He will approach most people here with curiosity, and will warm up to anyone who feeds him stuff he can't find in the wild. When he learns Eliza is dead, he will be somewhat upset, but won't feel any particular bond to anyone, no matter what their connection to her was. His Ability is Sap Sipper, and his moves are Camouflage, Leech Seed, Charm, and Sand-Attack.

Sap Sipper - Being hit by a Grass-type attack does no damage to Crown and raises his physical attacking power.
Camouflage - Crown's type changes according to the environment.
Leech Seed - Crown sends a seed flying at an opponent that sends out vines that start sapping their health, and giving all sapped health to Crown. If he's switched out, his replacement will also gain energy from the health-sapping.
Charm - Crown acts very sweet and friendly, weakening his enemy's physical attacking power.
Sand-attack - Crown kicks up sand in an enemy's face to lower their accuracy.
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- Dragon, the Diglett (A strange, quiet Diglett, who is silently loyal to Eliza. He doesn't seem to be able to make any noise. Enjoys hiding underground and popping up to startle people. Also enjoys nuzzles.)
- Coca-cola (Drank it)
- Absolute tuning fork x2 (A huge tuning fork that hides the power to destroy the entire world with resonance, if used by someone who has mastered the art of tuning. It’s also good for drying out laundry.)
- Voice shifter bowtie (A detective product used by the boy detective with the appearance of a child and the intellect of an adult. It can change one’s voice into various other voices.)
- I-Ro-Ha shirt (An ordinary shirt with the “Iroha Song" on it in fine print.

“Although its scent still lingers on / the form of a flower has scattered away
For whom will the glory / of this world remain unchanged?
Arriving today at the yonder side / of the deep mountains of evanescent existence
We shall never allow ourselves to drift away / intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.”)
- Natural Jabber salt (Natural salt produced on Jabberwock Island. It’s used in various dishes on the islands, and also said to be used in the islanders’ suspicious ceremonies.)
- Fantasmal fan (A folding fan from the Heian period. It’s said that whoever possesses this can converse with spirits.)
- Naginata
- Torcat drawers (New pant-style undergarments from the gothic lolita fashion brand “Wonder Dungeon".)
- Dull kitchen knife (A knife that can’t cut anything, even if you’re just using it normally. However, it is said that a master chef does not choose their knives…)
- Men's manma (A gourmet magazine for men. It goes over fashionable eating venues for any situation. Its articles on recommended dating destinations are particularly popular.)
- Seven branched sword (A sword found within the “Haniwa" excavated on the island. It’s characterized by its blade, which is divided into seven branches. It’s already hit the use limit.)
- Chocolate chip jerky (Smoked meat covered with chocolate chips. It was created as a non-perishable food by a chef who specialized in unusual food combinations. It’s not a combination you’d really want to make.)
- Muramasa (The ultimate weapon handed down throughout the world, with which one can enter dungeons, warp through walls and reduce everything to ash. But it’s from a different world so there’s no meaning to the thing.)
- Pickaxe (It's useful for smashing up stone. It also seems to be rather old, too.)
- Man's greatest chestnut (A giant chestnut that doesn’t exist in the natural world. It’s said to lie in the hearts of boys. By eating this, you will overflow with the power to pursue man’s greatest ambition.)
- Nib pen (A pen that draws lines when you soak the tip in ink. You can draw various types of lines depending on the technique used, so it’s used for drawing comics and illustrations often.)



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